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Customer Testimonials

Mary Vandiver


"On many occasions, I've had the pleasure of working with Nancy in organizing my considerable amount of 'stuff' - especially my closets full of clothing. She is nothing short of a miracle! Nancy works quickly, is sensitive to my desires to keep certain things, asks great questions to help me narrow down what I want to keep, is discreet, plus her follow-up at the end of the job is excellent. If you are thinking of hiring someone to help organize your household items, I can't recommend Nancy highly enough!"

Renee D.


"Nancy helped me totally reorganize my kitchen and anything related to my kitchen. I had kitchen items spread all over my house--the garage, the dining room, the basement etc. It was a fun and energizing experience to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at how difficult I had made it for myself! Nancy was assertive with ideas but not overpowering in any way and let me make the final decisions about how/where things should go. I am thrilled with the way she brought everything together in a flow that has taken away the "nuisance" part of working with my kitchen items.


That was almost a year ago and I can honestly say that everything is still working for me the way we set it up! Thanksgiving for 25 people this year was a breeze--no more running up and down steps for supplies. All is on the same floor and very close by. I can't express how freeing this felt!


Nancy herself is a ball of energy and a very caring person. She definitely has a gift for organizing. She did wonders for me and I know she will for you. I would have had her help me with other areas of my home, like closets in particular, but she moved to Colorado!"

Pam Cross


"Just when I thought a move was the only way to remove the clutter, organize and make room in my house, I found Nancy Maddock! Nancy was a breath of fresh air!


She spent a day in my house sorting and organizing my closets. It was amazing to see the before and after. She took everything out of each closet (one at a time) and together we decided what would go back in. She quickly helped me assess what was worthy (my term) of keeping. The items that didn't make the cut either went to a local charity or the trash. By the time we were done, every closet in the house had extra room in it! I could have never done it myself!


The house feels clean, organized and like we can live here comfortably for a long time. The process was very therapeutic! A huge shout out to Nancy and her abilities to organize anything and everything!"

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