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Full Closet Organization

Arranging your entire wardrobe


Do you look in your closets and say, "I have too much stuff?" Maybe this is true. Maybe not. We will work together and release, relocate, and repurpose your items. Some will be donated and some will be consigned. The important items will be easy to find. Let's begin today and start each of your days on a positive note.


*We take the items you are repurposing away immediately. Out of sight out of mind.* 

Office Organization or Kitchen Work Station

Arranging your office or kitchen


Do these stacks look familiar? We can help with organizing, filing, and tossing.

We can prioritize and get this task done once and for all. We can start with the small stuff and move forward to bigger projects.

Larger Spaces

Arranging your attic, garage, or basement


These spaces can be done in tandem with one another so that all items are logically stored. No more looking for an item in three different spaces. Let's plan and conquer together. If you cut down the things you possess you will save time on what needs to be taken care of.

Moving Day
Packing + Unpacking


No matter how close to your moving date, we can help with that overwhelming feeling. We will get you packed up in an organized way so that unpacking is a breeze!

Holiday Decorating
Preparing for the holidays in style


Don't dread the holidays ever again! Imagine coming home and your house is completely decorated. It is peaceful and entertainment ready. All done without the stress!

Home Staging
Interior Decorating


New to your home? Or lack the visual and organizational skills to get your home in "liveable shape"? We can help choose the right pieces to complete the look of the inside of your home.

*Don't see the project you need help with? Tell us and we will be there to help. Anything you can visualize, we can achieve! Just call or book an appointment today!

Priced per Project
Since each project is customized and there are different levels of needs there is no set standard. To begin, just set an appointment so that we can discuss your need, expectations and your space. There is a fee due at this meeting of $50 which is credited back to your project. 
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